Bill & Giselle's Car Cruise

Photos added of Bill & Giselle's Car Cruise 10-01-05

More photo's added

I have added the pic's of the 2004 Cruise on the Lawn and the car show at the Oxford fair grounds (Oxford, Maine) with the North Pairs Lions and The Cars are the Stars.
I have updated the gallery with some new pic's of the 32 Ford and of the Carribbean cruise.
12-28-05 I installed a new item "Sebago Carvings" in the "Photo Gallery" to day.

01-21-06 Photos of  winter "Car Guy Party" added.

12-05-07 Added a new album for our new, "old" 40 Ford Pick-Up.

12-16-07 Add more 40 PU Photos 

04-12-08 Add Photos of Work Done to 40 PU 

03-31-11 Add Photos of "Rusty" Joan's dog.

05-20-11 Added photo of Rusty & Brother

05-20-11 Added captions to Rusty Photos


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